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Manufacturers Represented

Alcad Stand-by Batteries

  • Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Pocket Plate, Sintered, Low Maintenance, Ultra Low-Maintenance, and Solar Range
  • UBC and IBC Seismic and Standard Rack Systems and Cabinets
  • AT10.1, AT30 and SCR Chargers, InCharger

Website: www.alcad.com
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Electro Switch Corp.

  • Power Rotary Switches for Industrial, Commercial, and Military Applications

Website:Ā  www.electroswitch.com

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Mesa Technical Associates

  • Flooded Flat Plate Lead Acid Batteries
  • Flooded Tubular Lead Acid Batteries
  • VRLA Batteries
  • Switch Mode Rectifier Chargers
  • Racks
  • Spill Containment
  • Installation and Testing Services

Website: www.mesa-tec.com



  • Power Meters
  • Power Quality Analyzers
  • Power Quality Revenue Meter
  • Power Quality and Substation Automation
  • Multi-Tenant Submetering
  • Energy Management Software
  • SCADA System
  • Power Analysis Software
  • Portable Analyzers
  • Communication

Website: www.satec-global.com
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Basler Electric Company

  • Analog and Digital Voltage Regulation
  • Generator Control Package
  • Industrial Engine Control
  • Static Excitation Control
  • Industrial DIN Mount Protective Relay
  • Utility Single Function Protective Relay
  • Utility Multi-Function Protective Relay
  • Plug and Play Retrofits for Electro-Mechanical Relay

Website: www.basler.com

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Midtronics Stationary Power

  • Conductance Battery Test, Management and Diagnostic Solutions for Stationary and Industrial Engine Start Battery Applications
  • Celltron Handheld Conductance Testers
  • Cellguard Battery Monitoring Systems
  • Battery Diagnostic Accessories for Telecom, UPS, and Standby Applications

Website: www.stationary-power.com

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Pioneer Power

Pioneer Manufactures Indoor or Outdoor Power Dry Type Transformers

  • Up to 20 MVA at 35 kV
  • All Units Are Designed to CSA, UL, AINSI and NEMA Standards
  • NEMA 3R, 4, or 12 Enclosures

Website: https://pioneerpowersolutions.com/

PM&D Engineering, Inc. - SubSaverĀ®

  • TVSS for Low and Medium 3 Phase Voltage
  • 480V - 5,000V Range
  • 18KA to 50KA per Mode
  • NEMA 3R and NEMA 4

Website: www.subsaver-esp.com

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  • Electrical Engineering
  • Testing and Repair Services
  • Re-Manufactured MV, LV and Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Website: www.camcoeng.com

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MCG Moser-Glaser

Manufacturer of Insulated Bus-Bar, Wall Bushings, and Power Transformer Bushings

  • Duresca - 12kV to 170kV up to 8000A Insulated Bus-Bar for Switchgear and Transformer Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Tiresca - 15kV to 34kV 400A to 8500A Transformer to Switchgear and Switchgear to Switchgear Partially Insulated Bus-Bar Applications
  • GasLink - Medium Voltage Applications to 40.5kV with up to 3150A with SF6 to Air Format
  • Duresca Condenser Wall Bushings - Up to 245kV Fully Insulated Resin Impregnated Molded Silicone Outdoor to Indoor

Website: www.mgc.ch

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Power Survey

  • Power Factor Correction
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Tarif-Action Software
  • POWERCAP Low Voltage Static Capacitor
  • POWERVAR Medium Voltage Filter
  • Low Voltage Automatic Capacitor Banks and Harmonic Filters

Website: www.powersurvey.com

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Trimm, Inc.

  • Power Distribution for Telecommunication
  • GMT, KLM, TPM, TPA, TPC, and TPS Fuse Panels
  • Bullet or Q.C. Plug-in Breaker Panels
  • Wirewrap Terminal Blocks
  • Network Relay Racks
  • Power Distribution Accessories

Website: www.trimminc.com

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